Local support groups

Map showing information about local PDA Support Groups in the UK

The PDA Society receive many queries from people wishing to find details of local support groups. 

We have created a map which allows people to view details of local PDA Support Groups in the UK. To view the map please click here

Please note that the PDA Society do not routinely monitor or manage local PDA support groups, although some of our committee and volunteers may facilitate groups in their local area. We are happy to offer advice or provide leaflets/ infomation links to people who run local support groups. 

If you run a local PDA Support Group and wish to have your details added to the map, or you would like to ask for advice about setting up a local support group/ to ask for leaflets to hand out at your group then please email us at: info@pdasociety.org.uk  

If you would like us to include your local support group on the map then please email us with the following details:

  1. Name of your group
  2. Location
  3. Details of your group. In this section include any description of your group and details of dates, times and locations OR supply an email address (be aware this is a public map so you may wish to create a new email address, like the Telford group have done, e.g. pda.telford@gmail.com) OR a link to a website where group meeting dates are published OR a link to a local/regional PDA facebook group or page where people can find these details.
If you do not provide enough detail we will email you back to request more information.

We will try to add details of support groups as soon as possible, but please bear with us if there is a delay.
Support Groups Outside the UK

Please email us if you would like us to add details of support groups in areas other than the UK. We will need the same details as described above. 

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