Sometimes families may benefit from some respite, an opportunity for the child with PDA to do something they enjoy whilst the parents take the chance to focus on their other child/ren or enjoy a well deserved break.

You should contact your local authority to find out what is in place in your area, but the following types of respite may be on offer:

  • Clubs for children with special needs, either after school or during the school holidays or at the weekend.
  • Overnight respite at your child's school if they are in a special school provision.
  • Following an assessment by a disability social worker you may qualify for Direct Payments to enable you to employ a Personal Assistant / Carer to take your child out or look after them in your home. 

It can be hard as a parent to accept that respite is needed, but if the right respite is available it can be a really good chance to recharge your family's batteries.