New resource for clinicians

The PDA Society has produced and printed the following as part of our 'Awareness Matters' campaign:

This 35 page booklet, first developed in 2014, is being distributed initially to CAMHS services and Child Development Centres across the UK. Whilst the booklet is primarily aimed at healthcare professionals, it does contain information that parents and educational professionals would also find useful.

Download a copy by clicking here.

This is a free resource. Distribution is positively encouraged.

If you work for a CAMHS service,  Child Development Centre or Local Authority Educational Psychology Team and would like to request a hard copy, please email with your name, job title and full work address including postcode. 

Important Information

It is important to note that we have a limited supply of printed booklets at present, and can initially only supply one hard copy per organisation/ service.

To fulfill the conditions of our grant we will initially be supplying one hard copy to our target groups as a priority.

If you are a parent or professional who wishes to request that a booklet be sent to their local CAMHS, CDC, Educational Psychologist or Clinical Commissioning Group (important for awareness as they are responsible for allocating funding to CAMHS/CDC) then please email us a contact name and job title if possible and full work address details, including postcode.

We are not able to send these to individuals to then pass on to other target groups, as we need to keep track of who has received a copy.

If you work in another service, or you are a parent who wishes to obtain a hard copy then you can express an interest  by emailing again with your name, job title (if appropriate) and full address including postcode. We cannot give a timescale within which hard copies can be supplied to you; and our ability to supply to a wider distribution list will depend on how many copies we have left from our current stock, and whether funds are available (or can be raised) in order to print and distribute more. 

We would encourage people to share the electronic booklet, or direct people to our website to download a copy for themselves (which they are of course welcome to print).