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Scottish Parliament Petitioners Submission.
  • Holly59
    Posts: 1,534

    Our submission to Parliament is now online.

    The Scottish Government will meet on the 30 th March to discuss the responses .Mary and I are not required to attend.

    You will be able to watch this live . Once I receive a time and which Committee Room I will post the details .

    Can we once again thank all of those people who responded on and off the Forum . Our sincere thanks go to Euan Robson for his patience and understanding.

    Pat and Mary .
  • Holly59
    Posts: 1,534
    I sincerely hope the research suggested to Parliament highlights articles like these , exactly what we have explained in evidence both verbally and at the initial Petition Stage .

    Read the evidence for themselves on the PDA FB and Forum of the Worldwide Interest of the Webinar and the massive surge to promote and set up desperately needed support groups .

    As well as the negative we must also promote the positive side with correct Stratagies.

    PDA is exactly the same as Aspbergers, each case is unique. How the symptoms present in Mary's Hannah and my two boys are complety different . Hannah is extreme PDA , my youngest was obvious from birth, the elder of the two boys was subtle but as he got older the symptoms intensified.

    Training required at all levels.

    At present PDA is very much a Post Code Lottery. We need consistency, early intervention, acurrate PDA Stratagies and most importantly support.

    Pat and Mary xx
  • Holly59
    Posts: 1,534
    FOR SOUTH LANARKSHIRE (but good to see PDA on it):
    Subject: Re: PACT/SLT Training in ARCH
    I’m pleased to let you know that the plans to host a rolling programme of training workshops facilitated by the Paediatric Autism Consultancy Team (PACT) and Speech and Language Therapy Team (SLT) are now in their final stages, and will commence in the next month or so within ARCH.
    These will cover the following areas;
    · The Paediatric Autism diagnosis Process in NHS Lanarkshire
    · How a child or young person with autism is given their diagnosis
    · Information for parents of children with a Demand Avoidant profile (PDA)
    · Information for Professionals supporting children with Autism and Demand Avoidant profile
    · Visual Helpers workshop for pre-school children with Autism.
    · Social Stories and Comic Strip Cartoons for children with Autism.
    The day we’ve identified for these workshops will be on a Tuesday afternoon within the ARCH centre, and there are two of each specific workshop to be held over the course of the next 12 months. This means there should be 12 workshops in total…one per month once they commence.
    I will give you plenty of advance notice when the workshops are scheduled to begin, so you can submit expression of interest.
    There will be a maximum of 20 places on each workshop with a ‘first come; first served’ approach to signing up. We’ll obviously encourage as many parent carers from across South Lanarkshire to participate, although there will be one programme specifically targeted for professionals..
    This training commitment represents a significant investment from our NHS Lanarkshire colleagues into the autism agenda, and I look forward to welcoming the team to ARCH in the coming months.
    Reid Street
    South Lanarkshire
    ML3 0RQ

    Posted on the Scottish PDA awareness FB page.

    Pat xx
  • Holly59
    Posts: 1,534

    These videos on YouTube of Harry explaining how PDA affects him are amazing.

    One of his statements about late diagnosis Aspbergers but it didn't cover everything rings so true in my family .

    At 19 and 20 we still don't have all the answers , it's exactly the same for Hannah she presents with Hypermobility, SPD and Dyspraxia none of which have been recognised.

    My youngest has just been diagnosed with Hypermobility, like Hannah should have been recognisable since birth.

    Hannah's Autism and Hypermobility were recognised by a nursery teacher but blatently ignored all those years.

  • Holly59
    Posts: 1,534

    " Masking " always gets a massive response on Forums .

    That and School refusal were mentioned by me in Parliament .

    Pat xx
  • Holly59
    Posts: 1,534 Papers/Public_Briefing_Papers_-_30_March_2017.pdf

    As you will appreciate it's difficult to give an exact time frame for Thursday , our Petition is last to be heard .

    Pat xx
  • Holly59
    Posts: 1,534

    Committee Room 5 .

    Unfortunately no time frame ! Ours is last on the agenda today .

    Pat xx
  • Holly59
    Posts: 1,534

    Just a quick update the Petitions Committee are requesting further evidence .

    They were very disappointed by COSLA not responding .

    We are through to the next stage .

    You can watch it on the screen ,which says Public Petitions Committee with a clock showing.

    If scroll along to near the end .

    Pat xx

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