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Scottish Parliament Petitioners Submission.
  • Holly59
    Posts: 1,407

    Our submission to Parliament is now online.

    PE1625/ F

    It's in the Petition History box.

    The Scottish Government will meet on the 30 th March to discuss the responses .Mary and I are not required to attend.

    You will be able to watch this live . Once I receive a time and which Committee Room I will post the details .

    Can we once again thank all of those people who responded on and off the Forum . Our sincere thanks go to Euan Robson for his patience and understanding.

    Pat and Mary .xx
  • Holly59
    Posts: 1,407
    I sincerely hope the research suggested to Parliament highlights articles like these , exactly what we have explained in evidence both verbally and at the initial Petition Stage .

    Read the evidence for themselves on the PDA FB and Forum of the Worldwide Interest of the Webinar and the massive surge to promote and set up desperately needed support groups .

    As well as the negative we must also promote the positive side with correct Stratagies.

    PDA is exactly the same as Aspbergers, each case is unique. How the symptoms present in Mary's Hannah and my two boys are complety different . Hannah is extreme PDA , my youngest was obvious from birth, the elder of the two boys was subtle but as he got older the symptoms intensified.

    Training required at all levels .

    At present PDA is very much a Post Code Lottery. We need consistency, early intervention, acurrate PDA Stratagies and most importantly support.

    Pat and Mary xx

  • Holly59
    Posts: 1,407

    These videos on YouTube of Harry explaining how PDA affects him are amazing.

    One of his statements about late diagnosis Aspbergers but it didn't cover everything rings so true in my family .

    At 19 and 20 we still don't have all the answers , it's exactly the same for Hannah she presents with Hypermobility, SPD and Dyspraxia none of which have been recognised.

    My youngest has just been diagnosed with Hypermobility, like Hannah should have been recognisable since birth.

    Hannah's Autism and Hypermobility was recognised by a nursery teacher but blatently ignored all those years.


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