Life with PDA

Much of the work we do at the PDA Society involves providing information, support and training for parents, carers, teachers and individuals with PDA. But if you have PDA, it isn't so helpful to read the words of people talking about the condition second-hand.

These pages have been put together by a group of individuals who have PDA, and we hope they will provide everyone, but particularly young adults, with some insights into the experiences of others.

 “The PDA Journey can be a tricky one, but we hope that seeing how we have negotiated it will help”

The PDA Society would like to thank Julia, Sally, Riko and Tony for kindly sharing their experiences with us for the purposes of helping and supporting other individuals with PDA and their families. Thank you also to Sally Cat for producing the graphics in these pages.

Further Information

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Adult PDA Support Network – A Facebook support group for adults with PDA, established by and run by Julia.
Adult PDA Support Group - Helping YOU find your way in the Maze - A Facebook support group only for adults with PDA or who suspect they may have PDA
PDA Society's Resource Page

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