Q&A with experts, PDA Awareness Day 15th May


To mark the PDA Society's second annual awareness day on 15th May 2014, the following group of experts kindly agreed to answer your questions on PDA:

  • Phil Christie, Consultant Child Psychologist, Elizabeth Newson Centre, NORSACA
  • Ruth Fidler, Education Consultant, NORSACA Children's Services
  • Pat Smith, Specialist Child Psychologist, Head of Elizabeth Newson Centre, NORSACA
  • Julia Daunt, an adult diagnosed with PDA
  • Jilly Davies, Senior Specialist Teacher, NAS Robert Ogden School

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Please don't forget to share some information on PDA in whatever way you are able to raise awareness. Click here to download our awareness day poster, or talk to a friend or a professional about PDA. Perhaps you may like to share these questions and answers if you find them useful and informative. 

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May 15, 2014

My Daughter has Aspergers, she is also blind and has a mild learning disability.
If she has no control over her routine etc, she will bring objects i.e., keyrings, mobile phones, piano's, keyboards, laptop etc. in as "Mates" and treats them as her Family, she will then refuse to leave the house, stating that her "Mates" are unwell, and that if she were ill, we would not take her out of the house until she was better she will not do anything other than her normal daily routine, and whatever we do we simply can not change her mind. We have tried to make deals or give rewards, but nothing works.
We have had no training or been given any strategies on how to deal with these obsessions and need guidance.

Angela Lunney

May 15, 2014

My son has a diagnosis of autism /PDA he is 17 on 22/5/14 he is not in education .Because he is unable to engage with anyone we have no help or support for him.I cannot believe in a modern society that the agency's that are set up to support and help him continue to fail him .Is there any one who knows of any help for him?

Karen Chivas

May 15, 2014

Question for Julia Daunt
Hi Julia, I was wondering how you learned to cope with demands at work as an adult. Do you have any mental strategies that you can share with us?


May 15, 2014

Hi Angela & Ann
You might find it helpful to re-post your comments in our discussion forum at www.pdasociety.org.uk/forum

Steve Collett

May 18, 2014

I'm thankful there's an organisation in existence that deals with the PDA condition.
However, half the battle is getting the message out to people who are unaware of the condition.
Unfortunately, there was no messages/promotion of PDA Awareness Day until I heard of it on my Facebook feed at lunchtime on the day! This gave me no time to share it with my contacts (I have a lot!). Please look into better ways promoting the PDA Society (i.e., testimonials, pics, info, newsbites).
It's bad enough having to live with it, let alone trying to convince a disbelieving world!