Elliott Pugh raises over £500 for the PDA Society


Elliott's 'Creations for Donations' raises over £500 for the PDA Society

'Elliott's Creations for Donations' is a unique facebook page where Elliott, who has a passion for art, raises money for good causes by offering his paintings for a donation.
Elliott's mum Lucy told us that Elliot (now twelve years old) was diagnosed with autism when he was six, and more specifically PDA last year.
"Elliott struggled in mainstream school, and his placement broke down when he was nine. He was then without a school place for a year. He started in an autism specialist school; but even in a class of three, his anxiety levels were so high that he couldn't cope. In December 2014 he was again without a school place; and because of his meltdowns he had to spend a few months in a children's home for his safety, and the safety of his siblings. In April 2015, his special school created a whole new provision for him, with his own classroom, outdoor space and with staff who really understand his PDA.  He was so grateful that he painted a picture for his headteacher as a thank you gift. He really enjoyed creating it, and so then created a painting for his Teaching Assistant's birthday. He then had lots of people ask if they could buy a painting; but Elliott didn't want any money for himself as he was content with his pocket money. He did however want to raise money for charity, and chose to raise money for the PDA Society and his special school."

Elliott particularly feels the PDA Society is incredibly important in educating people about PDA and increasing understanding of the condition.

Lucy went on to say that "when Elliott first learned about PDA, he felt enormous relief in knowing that he wasn't alone in the way he felt and that there were reasons why he acts the way he does. He often describes how hard it is to feel 'completely useless' when a demand is placed on him and he just can't do it." 

Here is a picture of Elliott, hard at work creating one of his wonderful pictures:


Elliott has raised over £1000 so far for charity; and the kindness people have shown has really boosted his self confidence and he is calmer and happier. His family say that they are really grateful for support that he has been given.

Here are some of the fantastic creations made by Elliott over the last few weeks and months.


and Elliott's latest creative venture - cards featuring his fantastic designs!


You can find out more about Elliott's story on his blog

The PDA Society would like to thank Elliott for supporting the PDA Society, and the other charities he is supporting. 

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