PDA Guidance Blog from Jane Sherwin

Jane Shewin, parent and author of 'Pathological Demand Avoidance syndrome: My Daughter is not Naughty'  has been busy creating a new blog, which contains a whole host of information and links which answer many of the 'Frequently Asked Questions' that people ask her 

On the home page, Jane states: 

  Living with PDA is extremely challenging and frustrating for many parents due to the extreme complexity of this condition.  This is often further compounded by a lack of awareness, understanding or acceptance from professionals, family and friends alike. I am the parent of a child diagnosed with PDA and I, like you, have experienced all of the above and continue to face many battles on a daily basis in order to secure the correct support for my child.

   I hope that this blog may offer guidance, for parents of children with PDA, in order to navigate the many winding roads that they may face both at home and in their dealings with professionals and education. Please note that I am not a professional and so this blog is based on my personal experiences and my own research.  Where possible any information or advice shared is linked to an official source.  Also any parenting tips or strategies are based on my own experiences.  Therefore they may not be suitable or practical for all families and individuals with PDA.  They are merely suggestions to give understanding and guidance. Ultimately each family living with PDA will hopefully fine tune and adapt any suggestions in line with their own unique family situation and child.

On the right side of the home page you will find a list of posts; arranged into categories such as 'Diagnosis' 'Education' and 'Home'.

You can access this new resource by clicking here  
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