New Resources from the PDA Society

To mark PDA Awareness Day 2016, the PDA Society are launching two new resources. Both have been developed by Sally Russell to help families explore what it means to have PDA; and to explain the key aspects of the condition to others.

The first resource illustrates the way in which the anxiety created by the need to avoid demands can become a continual cycle. The Demand-Anxiety cycle resource template can be downloaded here

The other resource can be used as a personal profile, to help individuals to identify their individual PDA traits, and what actions can help them. A completed example (to give you an idea of how it has been used by one individual) can be downloaded here;  and a blank template can be downloaded here  
Both resource templates are in microsoft word document format, so that they can be amended to personalise them to an individual. They can be used to develop understanding with a young person, with family members or with professionals.

They are intended as aids to conversation, helping to make issues more concrete and to make it easier to get to the heart of the nature of PDA .

We hope that you find them useful, and if you have any feedback/comments/ suggestions for their use please email us at 

Thank you!
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