PDA Awareness Day 15th May 2016 - How we are raising awareness

Today the PDA Society is marking 'PDA Awareness Day' by writing to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Autism to ask them to host a discussion on improving early intervention for children with PDA. A copy of the letter we are sending can be downloaded using the link here

This is the first step in an awareness campaign that aims to remove the barriers to support that families currently face on a regular basis.

The interest in PDA has been growing steadily in recent times, with more and more people asking for training so they can better understand and help those with the condition. It is the right time for a concerted effort to help those working with children and young people to catch up with current thinking and research, and the PDA Society will be coordinating efforts to see a step-change in the way in which children with this form of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are helped.

We know that many of the Society's members, and members of the facebook PDA related groups have already been working really hard to do this, and of course, we hope this will continue. If you would like to share your personal experiences of awareness-raising in your area/community, then please do so here (please note that to post a reply on our forum discussion thread you will need to complete a registration on the PDA Society website).

Of course, most of us are so tied up with daily life that it isn't possible to get involved to any great extent, but we hope that everyone will feel that they can play some part - whether by re-tweeting, liking a message on Facebook, or sharing a new resource with a family support worker... every step makes a difference.

Here is to a productive year ahead!
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