UPDATE: A chance to win a FREE one-day PDA assessment for your child


UPDATE 16th September 2016: Ms H from Devon was the randomly drawn winner of the recent draw to win an assessment at Help for Psychology. She said she is totally overwhelmed and glad of the opportunity for her child. 

Do you suspect your child has PDA and yet have struggled to get an assessment done? If so we are offering our supporters a chance to win a free one-day assessment which will be done by Dr Judy Eaton of Help4Psychology (http://www.help4psychology.co.uk/)

Anyone who donates £5 or more to the PDA Society via PayPal between July 17th and August 31st 2016 will be entered into a draw to win a one-day assessment for their child. The assessment date will be on Tuesday October 18th 2016 and will be at Dr Eaton’s premises in Norwich. Details of what is involved in the assessment are listed below.

To make a donation to the PDA Society please use the paypal link on the PDA Society 'donate' webpage 

Terms and conditions of draw. 

  • Anyone who makes a donation of £5 or above to The PDA Society via PayPal between 17th July and 31st August 2016 will be entered into the draw to win a free one-day assessment to be undertaken by Dr Judy Eaton.
  • PayPal payments for courses, or booklets will not be included in the prize draw. 
  • The assessment is only for the date/ time (Tuesday 18th October) and location (Norwich) specified above so please ensure you can attend on the date given. 
  • Transport to and from the venue is not included. 
  • There is no cash prize alternative.
  •  We will notify the winner of the draw by email on the 2nd September 2016. 
  • If the winner is unable to attend we will draw another winner.

We would like to thank Dr Judy Eaton for kindly offering this place to the winner of the draw

Details of what is involved in the assessment:
Ahead of the assessment the parents will be sent a pre-assessment data sheet, which when completed provides us with background information, school details etc. We then send out a questionnaire to the child's school (but only with the parents’ consent).  Once the pre-assessment data sheet has been returned, the parents are then sent, by regular post, two documents to complete, which form part of the assessment. On the day of the assessment Judy will take a developmental history, carry out an ADOS, and the child will also be seen by Ellen, a Speech and Language Therapist. After the assessment, Judy and Ellen will discuss the case, and then present their diagnosis to the parents. Finally, the parents will then receive a diagnostic report. 
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