Campaigning for PDA Awareness - PDA Guidance blog post


PDA awareness, recognition and understanding has come a long way in the last seven years, which was when I first heard about it.  However, assessment and diagnosis is still very much a post code lottery and greatly dependant on which part of the UK you live and on the current policy stipulated by your Local Health Trust. This can leave many parents completely at a loss when it comes to pursuing an assessment for PDA, which could potentially lead to the correct understanding and support for their child across all settings.

Various professionals, services and charities are working extremely hard to secure wider understanding and acceptance of PDA.  But one of the most powerful voices in the pursuit of change can be from parents and especially when parents are able to join forces with other parents and provide a united front and therefore a much stronger and louder voice.

If we want to see tangible changes sooner rather than later, it really may be a case of trying to drive changes from the front line in conjunction with the excellent work and progress that is being secured higher up the chain by the many professionals, services and charities.

If you feel that you are able to organise and drive an awareness campaign in your local area then please take a look at this blog post from the PDA guidance website by clicking here

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