PDA Panda Ambassador


Just like individuals with PDA, giant pandas need very specific accommodations in order to thrive and may often suffer without appropriate support; are extremely sensitive to their environments; are very vulnerable; and show how an integrated approach to their care is essential for success.

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Download an image of the PDA Panda
Download the Panda Animation 

As we all know, the support an individual with PDA needs is unconventional and different to the support others may require. In place of firm boundaries and the use of rewards, consequences and praise, individuals with PDA respond better to an approach based on negotiation, collaboration and flexibility.

With the correct support in place, individuals with PDA can thrive. But the use of inappropriate support strategies can be ineffective, counter-productive and in some cases even damaging.

To help get this message across we’re introducing a new ambassador …


We’d like to thank the Lighter Side of PDA Facebook group for allowing us to use the panda concept, Looker Marketing Communications for supporting the PDA Society in the creation of the panda ambassador artwork and Sally Cat’s PDA Page for creating the animated GIF.
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