PDA & Speech Therapy Webinar

PDA & How Speech & Language Therapy Can Help
Tuesday 29th August - 11.30am UK time

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Libby Hill has been a speech and language therapist for over 30 years, specialising in children and young people with ASD. She works independently for Small Talk in the Midlands and regularly sees children from all over the UK at their clinic base in Derbyshire. She was criticised by some for her role in Channel 4's Born Naughty, where she felt a child had PDA but she is happy that it helped to raise awareness of the problem.
Why would your child need to be assessed by a speech and language therapist, when they talk perfectly fine? How could an SLT possibly help? 
If we assume that PDA has a basis in anxiety, one of the key factors behind the anxiety could well be that they do not fully understand the abstract language used around them or 'get' the hidden social messages from adults or peers. Some may even have disordered language. However, they do not want others to be aware they are struggling, they want to control the interaction or situation to keep to familiar, understandable territory. Some may use diversion tactics to avoid or to mask. This is in itself very stressful so increases the anxiety.
Libby hasn't assessed a child with PDA yet who had typical language and social communication, which we would expect to be the case because of their underlying ASD, but with PDA it often presents differently.
Libby will explore all these aspects, suggest helpful strategies and signpost services and resources. Her presentation will be followed by a Q&A session with Libby and two of the PDA Society’s trustees.

A recording of the webinar will be made available afterwards for those who aren't able to attend live.
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