PDA & Sensory Processing Webinar, 10th Oct 2017

PDA & Sensory Processing
Oct 10th, 11.30am UK time

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Occupational Therapist Alison Hart of Children's Choice Therapy Service explains how Sensory Processing is often the 'missing link' to understanding why environments and every day activities can be so challenging for some individuals. 

This webinar will help us to understand sensory processing, how it relates to PDA and how it can be a trigger for behaviours as well as presenting helpful strategies.

Alison Hart is company director for Children's Choice Therapy Service Ltd, a specialist group of Occupational Therapist's with Sensory Integration accreditation providing Occupational Therapy assessment, treatment, and training. Children's Choice Therapy Service works within the community, schools and within their specialist Ayres SI room in the Midlands.

Alison qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1993, working across a spectrum of acute and community services, specialising in neurology. In 2000 Alison transferred to paediatrics and then in to NHS management of clinical services, having completed masters level study and sensory integration accrediation. In 2009 Alison left the NHS to begin independent practice to return to more clinical interventions and thorough assessment, specialising in Sensory Processing and full OT interventions improving functional outcomes. 
Occupational Therapist's focus on psychological and physical barriers to daily activities.  Use of Sensory Processing within assessments is often the 'missing link' to understanding why environments and every day activities can be so challenging to some individuals.  Poor sensory processing is our ability to understand the environment around us, as well as how our body works and responds within that environment.  Existing conditions, anxieties, processing, and developmental disorders all impact this foundation skill, and hence every day, individual and family life.   
Alison also lectures at the University of Derby, being a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

​A recording of the webinar will be made available afterwards, via our website, for those who aren't able to attend live


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