Education Support & Strategies for Children with PDA - 21/11/17


Education support and strategies for children with PDA: a collaborative approach to learning

Tuesday November 21st, 11.30am UK time

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In this webinar Phil Christie and Ruth Fidler from Autism Associates will provide an overview of the education and support needs of children with PDA.

They will outline how some of the strategies that are typically found to be effective for children and young people with autism (such as the use of routine, predictability and structure) need considerable adaptation, as individuals with PDA respond better to less direct and more collaborative approaches.

There will be discussion around types of educational provision that best suit pupils with PDA, the need for careful prioritisation, avoiding confrontation, using an invitational approach and promoting emotional well-being and resilience.

A recording of the webinar will be made available afterwards, via our website, for those who aren't able to attend live​.


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