Research by Liz O'Nions


"Help us to find out what strategies parents use to manage behaviour in children with a range of difficulties."

Open to parents/carers of children aged 6 – 16 who live in the UK/Europe.

We are looking for parents/carers of children who experience difficulties (including, but not limited to children on the autism spectrum), to take part, as well as parents of children with no particular problems.

Taking part would involve you completing some questionnaires about your perspectives on your child’s behaviour, and the strategies and approaches that you use to manage it.

The questionnaires measure things like your child’s social skills, anxiety, difficulties with peers, and non-compliant or demand avoidant behaviour. We have also included questionnaires looking at what strategies you use to manage behaviour and how you interact with your child, as well as your feelings about how you handle difficult behaviour.

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