Stephs Two Girls - This is Our PDA Story

A couple of years back Steph, who has a daughter with the PDA profile of autism, ran a weekly series on her blog - 'Stephs Two Girls' called 'This is Our PDA Story'. This series reached week number 21 which was a wonderful achievement.  Steph received a lot of positive feedback regarding this series of articles, and is now looking to add to the current series of stories to generate even more awareness and interest about PDA prior to our PDA Society Conference on 18th April 2018.
So many people wanted to read these accounts of how other people are finding life with PDA - whether that's children or adults. Everyone's story counts. Everyone is different, but by using the common theme of PDA and what it means to us we can help others to understand and judge less. Steph, author of Steph's Two Girls, 2018.
If you would like to share your story and experiences of either parenting or caring for an individual with PDA, or your experiences of living with PDA (for indivdiuals who have PDA) please get in touch with Steph at 

​Steph has expressed that this could involve writing about:
  • Your experiences in education - whether mainstream, special or home educating
  • Telling how you got to a diagnosis, or how you can't get a diagnosis
  • How friends and family have taken the news
  • Updating your story to how things are now if you did one previously?
  • Or any other aspects of your journey which you would like to share
The length of your story could be from a small paragraph to a whole sheet of paper! Or, even just a quote that could be included in a more general post would still be hugely helpful. Everything can be totally anonymous, you can use fake names, or no names at all - whatever you feel best.
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