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Join Newbold Hope for a whole day to focus on how to help your SEND child become happier and calmer.


Both days are suitable for family members or those who work with children and young people who are Autistic with a PDA profile.

During the day we’ll look at –

  • Why this isn’t your fault, and it isn’t your child’s fault either.
  • What anxiety is, why it causes behavioural difficulties and how to identify your own child’s specific underlying causes of anxiety.
  • Why all behaviour is a form of communication.
  • Why a child is most likely to target the people they trust the most.
  • Demand Avoidance – why children often can’t do what seems like fairly simple everyday tasks, and how you can support them through this.
  • Controlling behaviour – why a child can develop a need to be in charge of everyone and everything at home, and how you can help them lessen this need for control.
  • How to reduce difficult and dangerous behaviour in your child.
  • Why self-esteem matters, and how to boost it in a highly anxious child.
  • How to reduce anxiety in your child and in you too – because anxiety is contagious, and when your child is overwhelmed, it can become pretty scary and overwhelming for your too.
  • How you can feel better about yourself and why your own emotional well-being is absolutely key to being able to help your child.
  • Hundreds of strategies. We’ll be sharing so may that there’s bound to be several easy, practical, and doable ideas that you can try with your child straight away.

Plus lots of time to chat with other parents who are living through this too, and lots of time to ask questions.


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