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‘Harry and the un-professional professional’ – Supporting Autistic people with a PDA profile.

About this event

In this webinar, Harry will put Sam on the spot regarding some of the unhelpful approaches’ professionals have used over the years and the damage these ideas and attitudes can do. They will discuss the best ways to support someone with a PDA profile as either a parent or professional, as well as the things to avoid. Sam will give his perspective as a professional with regards to what he has learnt, the mistakes he has made and how he tries to give the best support possible.

Plus, the usual outrageous moments and hilarity, you can always expect when these two get together.

Harry Thompson is an autistic PDA adult, he is the author of the bestselling book – PDA Paradox, a public speaker, autistic educator, PDA ambassador, consultant & self-advocate. His audiences receive invaluable insights into neurodivergent experience, often delivered with controversial humour & brutal honesty.

Sam Harris has been supporting Autistic people with a PDA profile and their families as a professional for over a decade in a variety of roles. He is continually shaping his approaches and practices based on what he hears and learns from the Autistic community. As a Neurotypical [although several are not so sure of this], his work his often based around working hard to understand the world from the perspective of the person he is trying to support, whilst using approaches and support strategies that are not harmful or disliked by the Autistic community.


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