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This online webinar with Kristy Forbes at inTune Pathways will cover:

  • Understanding the threat response in demand avoidant children
  • Understanding “demands”, demand pressure, and their impact on the demand avoidant brain
  • The paradox of demand avoidant behaviour and making sense of it all
  • The crucial nature of the family dynamic in demand avoidant homes
  • Recognising the signs leading up to distress behaviour
  • Responding appropriate to our demand avoidant children
  • How to deescalate demand avoidant distress

A choice of 2 dates are available – Friday 3rd June, 7pm AEST and Saturday 4th June, 8am AEST (please check local times)

You’ll receive:

  • 1.5 hour training on
    • How to recognise and respond to distress behaviour in demand avoidant children
    • How to respond appropriately to aggressive behaviour
    • How to set boundaries with your child
  • 30 minute live Q&A
  • Enjoy a refresher at any time with a recording and transcripts made available after the session
  • Come away feeling more confident as a parent or carer and with a greater understanding of your child


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