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The Child Therapy Service, a not-for-profit organisation, provides a therapeutic toolbox of resources, training and support for families and professionals.

This training is aimed at families and professionals looking at how they can support children that demonstrate demand avoidant behaviours.  It is a solution-focused approach that looks at the whole child.

Objectives of the training:

  • Difference between challenging behaviour and anxiety
  • Explore individualised approaches to managing children with demand avoidance
  • Flow of the day – on a child’s ability to cope with their emotions
  • Explore practical techniques to manage emotions

Format:  MP4 Training Video


  • Sensory Skills Checklist (worth £1.00)
  • Managing Demand Avoidance Toolkit (worth £5.00)
  • The SEMH Toolkit (worth £3.50)
  • Pupil Voice – only available through training
  • Skill Assessment Checklist – only available through training

Duration: 1:42 hrs

Tutorial of Managing Demand Avoidance Toolkit:  22 mins

Includes a Certificate of Completion

Access:  This training session can be accessed for a period of 7 days from purchase


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