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Hosted by Positive PDA in partnership with Tigger Pritchard

Spilling The T On Hidden Demands & Sensory Anxiety: Exploring The Impact Of Sensory Overwhelm

In this session Tigger will take you on a journey to see through the eyes of your PDA young person. As a parent or carer it can often seem that your young person sometimes explodes for no apparent reason.

Tigger will address the everyday occurrences and stimuli that exist around the home that you may not recognise as being a demand or sensory anxiety. He will highlight these often unnoticed triggers, exploring how they can build demand and anxiety in your young person and enabling you to gain a better understanding of the unseen sensory overwhelm that can build up and lead to volatile outbursts or refusals.

Tigger has worked with many families, helping parents and carers to understand the hidden aspects that increase sensory overwhelm and anxiety in their PDA young person. He has had much success supporting families to make small adjustments to reduce the demands and anxiety for a more cohesive and calmer environment for everyone.

In this enlightening training session, Tigger will be bringing a combination of his experiences and successes in these areas to provide you with an insight into your young person’s unseen world and how you can support them in a different way.

A recording of the workshop is available to purchase here. This will be available 72 hours after the live session has taken place on 21st November.


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