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A recorded course by Dr Theresa Kidd Psychology.

Are you currently supporting a young person with a PDA profile at home, school or in the therapy room? This recorded introductory online course will assist you in understanding what PDA is while providing you with practical strategies and resources for supporting children and adolescents with this behaviour profile.

Price includes 2 modules recorded one week apart:

Module 1:Understanding PDA and Strategies for Increasing Educational Engagement

What is PDA and what are the main features of this behaviour profile?
Demands, Anxiety and Intolerance of Uncertainty.
PDA and Education: The Key Issues and Recommended PDA Approach.
What to do when School Refusal (Anxiety) Occurs.

Module 2: Developing Relationship, Reducing Meltdowns and Improving Emotional Development

Effective Communication Enabling Co-operation and Overcoming Behaviour Difficulties
Tips for Increasing Self-Awareness and Supporting Emotional Development.
Practical strategies for preventing and supporting ‘meltdowns’
Self-care for siblings, parents and professionals.


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