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Join Harry Thompson on Friday 11th June for an evening of exploration & understanding.

About this Event
During this online event Harry will explore & destigmatise neurodivergent distress behaviours. Afterall, for anyone that follows Harry’s work will know, he is relentless in his mission to provide understanding over strategies in order to provide support to families and individuals. But this event is more than that, it’s a small step in helping create a more inclusive society.

Harry will explore the following (and more):

– How a Meltdown is Experienced

– Anxiety & Trauma Responses

– Debunking & Destigmatising Myths around Distress Behaviours

Harry’s talk will help you see that a frightened, vulnerable hurting person lays beneath the sometimes outwardly hostile demeanour. This shift in mindset will help you swap judgement for understanding & support.

Anyone that attends will leave with a better understanding of the person they care for, themselves and the neurodivergent community.

This event is for Parents, Professionals, Carers & the ND Community themselves and will consist of a a 2-hour talk followed by a live Q&A session with Harry. The event will be held online and you have the option to purchase 2 types of ticket:

– Live only (watch live only)

– Live & Recording (watch live and receive a recording of the event to re-watch any time)

As always, expect brutal honesty, lightbulb moments and no doubt some colourful language from time to time.



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