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Webinar with Yvonne Newbold packed full of ideas, suggestions and approaches that can help a demand-avoidant child with additional needs feel happier, calmer and less anxious

This session is all about children with additional needs who avoid demands as part of their anxiety coping mechanisms. We will look at what you can do to help them cope better, and also how you can handle those who don’t understand this group of children, and who blame your parenting skills instead.

Avoiding demands is very common, nearly everybody does it sometimes. However, when a child with additional needs becomes very anxious, demand avoidance can reach a level of severity which can impact on virtually every aspect of their daily life.   During this session we will look at why this can happen and how you can work  with your child to make  day  to  day  life  much easier  and  more  manageable  for  them. We will also discuss Pathological Demand Avoidance, also known as PDA, which is a particularly extreme version of being unable to cope with almost any demands, and which occurs in some autistic children and adults. The session with be jam-packed full of practical and doable fresh approaches that have worked very well with many children, as well as giving you strategies to cope with those moments when other people don’t understand the nuanced skills needed to help this group of children and who instead criticise your parenting skills.


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