PDA Specific Training Courses, Workshops and Conferences

Many parents, carers, teachers and other professionals, either living with or supporting a child or young person with PDA often find PDA specific training courses, workshops and conferences extremely beneficial. These events offer a wonderful opportunity to develop your understanding about PDA, learn useful strategies and to meet other people whom you can share your experiences with.

PDA Society training courses, workshops and conferences

PDA Society training workshops, courses and conferences are suitable for parents, carers and other people interested in finding out more about PDA. We deliver our courses and workshops at various locations throughout the UK and we host a bi-annual PDA conference. You can view further information about our forthcoming events on our website in our training newsfeed, conference newsfeed, Facebook page and twitter feed. We also provide an easy to check summary of events on our ‘Dates for Your Diary’ page.

Other services that provide PDA specific training courses, workshops, conferences

There are now a variety of services, organisations and charities that host and deliver PDA specific training events and conferences. Some of these events are aimed towards a general audience but other events may be tailored towards a specific audience such as parents, education professionals, health professionals or other individuals working in a professional capacity.

In addition to training courses and conferences some of these services are also able to provide one to one support, consultancy, counselling for individuals with PDA and their families plus respite.

Other services also provide consultancy and be-spoke (in-house) training packages for professionals and local authorities.

Please view the websites below for further information and details regarding forthcoming events and additional services that are available.

You can view further information regarding forthcoming events from other services that the PDA Society are aware of on our website in our training news feed, conference new feed and we also provide a quick checklist of events on our ‘Dates for your Diary’ page.

N.B. The PDA Society are not making any recommendations nor is responsible for the quality or the content of training delivered by independent services.

Further information - Family Resources 

​You can find further information, leaflets, websites and webinars in our extensive list of family resources and webinars.

Further reading and information about PDA

Further information about PDA can be found in the following areas of our website.

The National Autistic Society also provide an increasing amount of information about PDA.

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