Improving Outcomes

The theme for PDA Day 2019 is Improving Outcomes with a twin focus on
  • what's working - sharing many new and existing examples of good practice and resources from a variety of sectors
  • and what's needed - including an update following last year's Being Misunderstood report; a new video "Demand Avoidance of the PDA Kind" created to increase understanding of the PDA profile of autism and research updates.
Links to all the information being shared today can be found below ...
What’s working – new and existing examples of good practice
  • Adult Life – a new self-help, coping strategies & therapies resource and other links
  • Clinical – a PDA Society statement about diagnostic terminology; details of a multi-agency assessment pathway for PDA in Solihull; an article by Dr Gloria Dura-Vila about the importance of identifying & describing PDA; 10 top tips from SLT Libby Hill on assessing a child with PDA … and other resources 
  • Accessing PDA training – several organisations who have sought out PDA training talk about the positive outcomes that resulted 
  • Education – examples of best practice and an overview of a personalised alternative provision, plus lots of other links
  • Social care – a new article written by independent social worker Cathie Long and a case study about Ben whose care in the community is managed by his family, plus other resources
  • Parenting – a look at how helpful parent support groups are, and many other links
  • PDA Stars - award your own PDA Star to individuals or organisations who demonstrate good practice for PDA
What’s needed
  • Better understanding - a new video 'Demand Avoidance of the PDA Kind' and other resources
  • Being Understood - a look at what's happened in the last year since our Being Misunderstood report was published
  • Research
  • PDA Pledges - take a PDA Pledge to show your commitment to raising awareness, increasing understanding or taking action about PDA