Improving Outcomes - Social care good practice for PDA

New resource for PDA Day 2019
Links to useful existing resources
  • PDA Society Keys to Care for PDA A one page document written with specialist care settings in mind, but applicable to all. It provides a brief summary of top tips and key points about the PDA profile of autism in an easy to digest format.
  • Case Study - Ben Years of being misunderstood led to one failed placement after another before Ben was eventually sectioned at age 29 and spent 3 years in an ATU. His first supported living placement was too unstructured with serious repercussions for Ben's health and wellbeing. Under the Care Act 2014, Ben's family now manages his community care package. Their commitment, combined with new understanding of what approaches would be helpful following Ben's PDA diagnosis, has resulted in an amazing quality of life that no one would previously have thought possible.