PDA Development Group

The PDA Development Group is an informal group comprised of representatives from the NAS and PDA Society and individual practitioners with an interest in PDA from a range of disciplines (education, paediatrics, psychology, research) working in both independent and statutory settings.

It meets twice a year and its purpose (see terms of reference for more detail) is to
  • ​Provide a forum to update and discuss developments in research, practice and training.
  • Exchange plans about further development of training and conference materials.
  • Share information on upcoming publications and other resources.
  • Undertake specific pieces of work as requested and follow agreed actions from each meeting.
  • Take a proactive role in advising on necessary developments in the above areas.
The Group has recently produced two documents which set out the group’s position on defining Pathological Demand Avoidance and what makes a good diagnostic assessment for an individual with a PDA profile (coming soon). These can be printed and circulated for anyone with an interest in PDA.

If you wish to contact the group this can be done via the PDA Society at comms@pdasociety.org.uk

Further reading and information about PDA

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