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Parents of children with PDA: Blogs and Facebook Pages

Adults with PDA: Blogs and Facebook Pages

Professional : Blogs

  • Help for Autism and PDA by Dr Judy Eaton -Consultant Clinical Psychologist 
  • Starlight and Stories is a blog written by a special needs teacher. The autism section focuses on supporting children with autism in educaiton and also features several articles specific to the PDA profile.

General PDA support: Facebook Groups

​Targetted PDA support: Facebook groups 

​International PDA related Facebook Groups

Regional Facebook Groups

If there isn’t a Facebook PDA support group in your area, please be aware that some more general autism or special needs groups do also support PDA so do give them a call/email to see if there may be other parents in your locality. You may even decide to set up your own regional Facebook PDA support group.

Regional Support Groups

Map of Local PDA support groups.- The PDA Society receive many queries from people wishing to find details of local groups. We have created a map which allows people to view details of local PDA Support Groups. Please note that these local PDA support groups are independent and external to the PDA Society. If you run a local PDA support groups and wish to have your details added to the map please email us at: info@pdasociety.org.uk with the following details -

  1.  Name of your group
  2. Location
  3. Details of your group :-
  • Dates, times and locations
  • Email address (this is a public map so you may wish to create a new email address for your group correspondence only)
  • A link to website details where applicable
  • A link to your group Facebook page where applicable

If you would like us to add details of support groups in areas other than the UK please provide us with the same details as described above.

The PDA Society are often asked by parents in other areas how to go about setting up their own local PDA support group. We don't have a formal programme regarding local PDA support groups but can support anyone who wants to set up their own local group by providing guidance, leaflets and a platform for promoting the group. Hilary Harvey who set up The South Bucks PDA Support has put together this helpful guide for us.

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