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Parents of children with PDA: Blogs and Facebook Pages

Adults with PDA: Blogs and Facebook Pages

Professional: Blogs

  • Help for Autism and PDA by Dr Judy Eaton -Consultant Clinical Psychologist 
  • Starlight and Stories is a blog written by a special needs teacher. The autism section focuses on supporting children with autism in education and also features several articles specific to the PDA profile.
  • SmallTalk Speech & Language Therapy - blogs by Libby Hill, independent Speech and language therapist specialising in autism and PDA
  • Raelene Dundon - Raelene is the Director of Okey Dokey Childhood Psychology in Melbourne, Australia. She is a registered Psychologist and holds a Masters Degree in Educational and Developmental Psychology.

Children with PDA who blog and produce YouTube videos

  • Chloe me just me shares snippets of her home educating life and how she copes with anxieties, autism and PDA on her Facebook page. She also vlogs on YouTube and records fun unboxing and review videos as well as videos about autism and PDA.
  • Libby's Autism Blog  The writings of Libby, an autistic 11-year-old with demand avoidance
  • Little M's Journey to The Outside World shares insightful videos, talking about being autistic and having PDA.
  • 8-bit Spence Retro gamer records crazy gameplay videos, challenges and more 
  • Amelia Durdy shares her musical talent on her Facebook page. She also fundraises for her local food bank with her performances
  • ORLANDO VATV records fun videos and vlogs about his experiences, Minecraft, Pokemon, Mario and more. He also has a gaming channel ZiggyAugust TV where you can watch his gameplay videos of Minecraft and other games.
  • Samuel H records let’s play videos of his Minecraft adventures on Minecraft Pocket Edition 

General PDA support: Facebook Groups

Targeted PDA support: Facebook groups 

International PDA related Facebook Groups

Regional Facebook Groups

If there isn’t a Facebook PDA support group in your area, please be aware that some more general autism or special needs groups do also support PDA so do give them a call/email to see if there may be other parents in your locality. You may even decide to set up your own regional Facebook PDA support group.

Regional Support Groups

For info about support groups around the UK, and details of how to set your own up, please visit our support group page.

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