Information Booklet from Zoe Syson and Dr Emma Gore Langton

Simple Strategies for Supporting Children with Pathological Demand Avoidance at School

At school these children often struggle to reach their full potential because of their need to be in control. The invisible barrier of anxiety and avoidance is often forgotten and the child appears to be choosing to not engage when in fact they don't know how to overcome these feelings on their own.


The approaches and strategies in the booklet come from research conducted by Dr Emma Gore Langton, Educational Psychologist. She interviewed parents and teaching staff of nine children with PDA from reception to year 6. The booklet was written with Zoe Syson. Zoe is a parent of a child with PDA. She is also a teacher with experience of working in both mainstream and specialist schools. Zoe has recently gained a postgraduate certificate in Autism from Sheffield Hallam University.

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