Independent diagnostic centres


The centres listed below all assess for Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) and within that give consideration to the demand avoidant profile. These centres provide diagnostic assessments for both adults and children unless otherwise specified. Each centre uses their own terminology for describing a PDA profile: some may use “ASD with a PDA profile” whilst others may use different terminology or reference the demand avoidance profile in the diagnostic report. You may wish to contact each centre in advance to check which terminology they use and to ensure you’re happy with this before proceeding. It’s also important to note that sometimes another reason for the demand avoidance that you or your child is presenting with, other than a PDA profile, is identified during the assessment.

Please note that whilst the PDA Society researches all the services we signpost, the list should be taken as a helpful guide not as an endorsement and we can take no responsibility for the quality or the outcomes of assessments.

These pages contain further information on diagnostic pathways.

Diagnosing PDA in children

Diagnosing PDA in Adults