Journeys With PDA (USA)


Journeys with PDA provides consultations, trainings, resources, and support to families and professionals living or working with individuals with a PDA profile.

Journeys with PDA was born out of a desire to spread awareness about a unique profile of autism, Pathological Demand Avoidance. We are both raising sons with autism, with suspected PDA. We have encountered many obstacles along the way while seeking support and understanding of our boys and the diagnosis itself.

Through a great deal of research, a shift in our thinking, and a change in our parenting styles, we have boys who are now thriving! It took a lot of trial and error, many tears and years of unknown before we arrived at this place. We want you to arrive at a place of thriving rather than just surviving too!

We are both Certified PDA Trainers with the desire to spread awareness about PDA in the United States. We are both passionate about providing support and education to families living with children with PDA. We also want to provide training and support to professionals working with individuals with PDA.


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