Useful leaflets

The PDA Society has produced the following leaflets which can be downloaded, free of charge, here. 

    A Parent's Guide to Understanding Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome
  A Teacher's Guide to Understanding Pathological Demand Avoidance
  Recognising Autism Spectrum Disorders (this is a helpful guide explaining some of the different profiles of autism including PDA, Asperger's, the female presentation and 'classic' autism especially in the early years age group)
  Keys to care

Important information regarding printed copies

We can supply hard copies of our leaflets (except the Keys to Care one pager) free of charge plus postage and packaging.

1-3 leaflets - foc plus £1.20 (postage and packaging)
4-10 leaflets - foc plus £1.40(postage and packaging)
11-25 leaflets - foc plus £1.90 (postage and packaging)
26- 50 leaflets - foc plus £2.30 (postage and packaging)
51-80 leaflets - foc plus £2.90 (postage and packaging)
81-100 leaflets - foc plus £3.60 (postage and packaging)
  • Additional copies can be supplied for a small charge of £2.50 (per 50 additional leaflets) plus postage and packaging.
  • Concession rates for larger quantities are available to charities and support groups. 
  • All post is sent 2nd class. 
  • These costs do not apply to anyone living outside the UK. 
  • Please do not add postage together or guess costs.
  • If you want something other than what is specified, or if you live outside of the UK, please email us for further information
  • These prices are correct from August 2019 until further notice.

For further details please contact us

Ordering and payment

If you wish to order any of our leaflets please contact us with the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Postcode
  • Title(s) of the leaflet(s) you are requesting
  • Quantity required (for each title if ordering more than one title)
We will then contact you with the cost of the postage and packaging. Please submit payment for postage and packaging by clicking on the paypal donate button below.