PDA for social care professionals (webinar)


In this webinar about PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) for social care professionals, independent social workers Cathie Long, Mary Cartlidge and Rachel Gavin join PDA Society Trustee Vikki Threlfall.

The webinar includes presentations about:

  • assessing PDA in children and working with families in accordance with relevant guidelines and legal requirements (Mary)
  • working with PDA adults and transition assessments from child to adult services (Rachel)
  • Fabricated or Induce Illness (FII) including what it is, why parents might find themselves accused of this and how to work with local authorities if this happens (Cathie)

Followed by a short Q&A session with questions sent in by social workers.

Recorded in December 2021

Published by: PDA Society, January 2022



For further information, please see our information and resources for social care professional.