Practice Guidance for Professionals – Ireland


The 'Mapping Experiences of PDA in Ireland Study', Doyle and Kenny, was published in 2020.

report describes the research and findings in detail.

In addition, the study resulted in the development of a series of seven practical and appealing advice sheets for professionals and parents. They have been published by PRISM and kindly made available for downloading from here.


1-PDA Supporting Children with PDA in Primary School Settings

2-PDA Supporting Students with PDA in Post Primary School Settings

3-PDA Supporting People with PDA in Further and Higher Education

4-PDA Supporting Individuals with PDA in Adult Services Practitioners

5-PDA Working with Individuals with PDA in Adult Services Support Workers

6-PDA Working with Children, Young people and Adults with PDA in Clinical Settings

7-PDA Advice for Parents by Parents to Support Children and Adults with PDA


With thanks to Alison Doyle and Neil Kenny