'Being Misunderstood' in Regions of the UK

The 'Being Misunderstood' report published in May 2018 summarised the key statistics and themes from a survey of almost 1,500 individuals. However, it did not include information on regional differences or provide many examples of the personal stories of those who completed it.

Regional Reports

This set of regional reports, published May 2019, is based on the data provided by the parents and carers of young people suspected of having a PDA profile of autism and describes their access to school, experiences of local services and the general challenges they face. It is hoped that the reports will be useful to those interested in making improvements and encouraging greater understanding in their local area.

As a parent, it is always good to know you are not alone, but the evidence of the difficulties ought to be helpful in stimulating action, particularly when offered in combination with suggestions for solutions, such as the development of Position Statements and new Pathways.

Participants also told us of the greatest rewards of living with PDA, which are included in our section on positive PDA.

Download the reports:

Being Misunderstood in the North West
Being Misunderstood in the NE, Yorkshire & Humberside
Being Misunderstood in the West Midlands
Being Misunderstood in the East Midlands
Being Misunderstood in Eastern England
Being Misunderstood in London & SE
Being Misunderstood in the South West
Being Misunderstood in Scotland
Being Misunderstood in Wales
Being Misunderstood in Northern Ireland