The F Word – Pandarama Group for PDA Young People


Group for young people under 18 years old who have been or are in the process of being diagnosed with Autism with a Pathological Demand Avoidance Profile.

Facebook group which will encourage healthy friendships and peer support in a safe environment with two admins who are both experienced with the PDA profile.

Plus Zoom meeting on the first and third Saturdays in the month for those who would like to meet friends in a safe space. Zoom Sessions start 14.08.21 at 2pm

To gain access to the Zoom sessions, parents will need to give their permission by emailing - once this has happened they will be emailed the joining codes .
please could I ask that you do not share the codes, as the space will need to be secure so everyone feels safe to speak if they wish. Details will change each Zoom session to ensure all youngsters are kept safe, therefore a new email will be required.

My name is Karen Brannan I am a mother of two children one of whom is going through the process of being assessed privately for ASD/PDA, I hold a DBS (police enhancement record) as this is required for my main profession which is a Family Practitioner for a local authority. I am also a trainer for the PDA society as well as the admin for All Wales Pandarama ASD/PDA parent and carers support group and The F Group Siblings (sibling support).

Please email me for any questions:


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Facebook group