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The PDA Society is hosting monthly online Q&A Live sessions via Zoom with guest speakers answering questions on specific topics based on feedback from our recent training survey.

Where possible, the Q&As will be held on the last Thursday of the month between 8-9pm. There may be a few exceptions, so please do keep an eye out for dates. Tickets must be purchased in advance and cost £5 per person (plus booking fee).

The Q&As will be recorded and available for pre-booked ticket holders to watch for a period of 30 days after the event – so for privacy and confidentiality, please don’t share personal information in your questions.

Questions can be submitted at the time of booking and/or via the Zoom chat function on the night.

It may not be possible to answer all questions depending on the numbers attending and the amount of questions asked. Also it won’t be possible to answer specific questions on personal situations within these Q&A sessions – if you require support please contact our enquiry line.

Full details and tickets for our upcoming Q&A Live events are available via the links below. Please note: where tickets and info are to follow, dates/topics are provisional and subject to change until a booking link is available.

Looking after ourselves as caregivers

If you missed this Q&A Live and would like to watch a recording, replay tickets are on sale until Wednesday 1st June. All purchased recordings are available to watch until Wednesday 8th June.

During this session we answer questions on how and why we should look after ourselves whilst supporting our PDAers. Our guest speakers include:

Venessa Bobb, Founder of A2ndVoice and parent of 3 neurodivergent teenagers including a daughter who identifies with the PDA profile and Paul Fiddian, the long-term partner of Julia – an adult with diagnoses of PDA and ADHD, PDA Society trainer and author.

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Balancing needs within the family

Thursday 26th May 2022 – 8-9pm (BST)

This Q&A Live event will be answering questions on parenting a PDAer whilst also supporting the needs of others within the family whether siblings, extended family, partners or ourselves as caregivers. Our guest speakers include:

Danielle Jata-Hall, SEND blogger (PDA Parenting), campaigner and speaker with 3 neurodiverse daughters – her eldest, aged 10, having the PDA profile and Duncan Casburn, ‘PDA Dad UK’ on YouTube who has an 11 year old daughter diagnosed with a PDA profile, ADHD & Sensory Processing disorder.

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Thursday 30th June 2022 – 8-9pm (BST)

Following on from our recent sleep survey, this Q&A Live event will be answering questions that are based around PDA and sleep. Our guest speakers include:

Helen Rutherford, Specialist Sleep Practitioner with The Sleep Charity and Sally Cat (www.sallycatpda.co.uk), Adult PDAer, author, artist and animator, as well as the mum of a 10 year-old PDAer. Sally Cat has had delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS) alongside PDA since young childhood.

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Thursday 21st July 2022 – 8-9pm (BST)

During this Q&A we will be answering questions related to gaming, and will also be looking at the benefits this activity can have for those engaged with it. Our guest speakers include:

Andy Smith, Founder and Creative Director of Spectrum Gaming (an online community for autistic young people) and Dan Clark who runs MindJam (online 121 mentorship and guidance for children struggling with SEN, anxiety, stress and social issues; through gaming and game design).

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Understanding Social Care

Thursday 29th September 2022 – 8-9pm (BST)

Many PDA families often find themselves caught in a SEND and social care system where they’re unsure of their legal rights, what is good practice and what help is available to them. During this session we’ll be looking to answer questions around these topics with independent social workers Cathie Long, Mary Cartlidge and Rachel Gavin.

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Sensory Processing

Thursday 24th November 2022 – 8-9pm (GMT)

During this Q&A, we will be answering questions on how sensory processing relates to PDA and approaches that can help. Our guest speakers include:

Chelsey Oxley, Therapy Manager at bibic and Alison Hart, Occupational Therapist and founder of Children’s Choice Therapy Service Ltd.

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If you have any queries about any of our Q&A Lives, please contact our training team: training@pdasociety.org.uk (our replies can sometimes be filtered into junk/spam/social/promotions folders – please check yours if you haven’t heard back from us in your inbox within 3-5 days).

The PDA Society also offers a variety of training courses for parent/carers and professionals.