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New diagnosis!
  • Hi, my son is 13yrs old and although he was dx'd as having an ASD (best described as Aspergers) when he was 10 yrs old we have now been told by the Clinical Psychologist and CAHMS that PDA is much more fitting of his behaviour, so I hope you will not mind if I ask questions from time to time.
  • Pamela
    Posts: 205
    Hello Jeanuk2 ..... nice to meet you! I look forward to talking to you more in some of the members only forums.

  • hello jeanuk2
    you appear to be from same area of uk as me - welcome to the forum.
    I hope you find it useful
    I have found there are not too many people in my area of South Yorkshire who are familiar with PDA, so we have asked for a referral to the centre in Nottingham. We are still waiting for PCT to decide whether they will fund it (I really hope they will!).
    Are you getting any other support from school or other agencies?
  • Hi Pamela and thank you for your welcome :)

    Hi Debbie :)
    we have just started getting help since my son refused to go back into his mainstream school Feb 2005, he is now in a Pupil referral Unit with a statement of special needs.
    He has also been given a counsellor recently. How old is your child? sorry for my ignorance but what is PCT please ? It is great to know there is someone else in the Yorkshire area I can talk with.
  • Hi, my son a lot younger than yours, he's seven. Although a big age difference I bet many problems/ behaviours are similar!
    I think PCT stands for primary care trust - I had to ask the receptionist at the doctors as I did not have a clue what it meant either. : :!:
  • Hi again ,
    Do you think 'resisting demands obsessively' would include a child who will only do things when he wants to and if there is something in it for him :?:
    I have looked again at the information and the only thing that puzzles me is the doll play / animal play? as my son has never talked to inanimate objects, but he does have a great imagination and loves role play! He does extremely well in Drama.
  • jelv
    Posts: 185
    Most of the work done at the Elizabeth Newson centre has been with primary age children and the criteria are mainly aimed at the younger child. As a child gets older there will be some progession (or at least one would hope so!) so you you may need to interpret some areas a bit.

    Our daughter is nearly 15 and quite often shuts herself away in a room to "play her game". This is her walking round in circles talking to herself, playing out an imaginary situation. The people she has in this game are always real people she knows. She does this more when she is stressed.
  • Hi John and thank you for replying and sharing the information about your daughter.
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