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TV Prog last night!!! Young, Autistic and Stage struck!
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,595
    Hi Everyone

    Did anyone else see this program last night?
    One of the children had PDA!
    I thought it was fantastic that finally PDA has got some recognition on TV!
    My parents even phoned me this morning to tell me that now they understand my son so much better having seen another child with PDA.

    Advise anyone to watch it, even if it's only the first 20 mins.

    What did you all think?
    Sorry I'm no good at links etc.

    Admin Edit: for links to all episodes of the series
  • cara
    Posts: 43
    Hi Paula

    I only saw a tiny part of it. Which of the children had PDA?


  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,595

    Mollie the young girl with very long blonde hair, age 10 from what I remember.

    The first 20 mins shows her at home with her mum explaining her diagnosis.

  • mango69
    Posts: 967
    Yes its fantastic - my phone is gonna be hot this week! Already had enquiries from people seeing it on Monday. Missed the first 15 mins but saw the rest. Great news for PDA!
  • yep i saw it too, was interesting seeing how the very experienced drama teacher was struggling too. Great news for PDA! Now have it set for series record on sky plus!! D Deb x
  • jelv
    Posts: 185
    The programmes can be watched at:

    Episode 2 is the one featuring Mollie.
  • mango69
    Posts: 967
    Oh well done John!
  • lettiep
    Posts: 26
    Mollie aged 11 was having outbursts in her room when her mother asked her to keep one toy, but she felt the demands made so started to have a tantrum and shouted out. I enjoyed the programme as I wanted to see someone with PDA to see if I appeared like that at age 11 and I realised I ws so similar in character. They resist demands to such an extent that it becomes too much and the frustrations are released in like sort of "Panic Attack" I think many should watch this as females on the spectrum are often overlooked and misunderstood. Well done Channel 4! P.S tune into BBC3 Thursday night for "Autstic Me One Year On" :D
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,595

    Thank you jelv for doing the link for me.

    lettiep - I'm glad you could watch it and could see how Mollie was so similar to yourself at that age, this helps many of us parents to understand PDA better.
    I agree with you many females on the spectrum (especially PDA females) are overlooked!

    Margo - I'm more than willing to help with telephone calls etc.
    The Maze has had 4 parents in so far this week to say they now realise their child has PDA and a couple of others whos children were diagnosed with Asperger's and now know it's PDA!
    Thank goodness for TV!

    Let's hope this is just the start of REAL AWARENESS of PDA!

  • Hi Everyone!
    I'm a newbie and this is my first post!
    I having been watching the series on Channel 4.
    I have a son (8yrs) who has been diagnosed with Aspergers for a while now. I also have a daughter (6yrs) who has been under assessment for autism for the past 2 years. My daughter is soo different from my son, and until now I've been baffled along with the doctors and teachers.
    That was until Monday night.
    When I saw Mollie and her mum something clicked.
    I then went straight to the NAS website and found their description of PDA.
    It was amazing, it was like finding a perfect description of my daughter.
    Thanks to that programme I may well have found the reason for her anxiety, selective mutism, self harming, aggression etc.
    I too wish everyone could watch it!
    Sharon x
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,595
    Hi Sharon

    Welcome to the PDA forum, so pleased to hear you may have found the answer to your daughter's problems.

    If you get registered as a Parent you can use the "private" Parents Sections to tell us more about your family.

    Keep posting!

  • Paula,
    Thank you for your warm welcome :)
    Yes, I have been registered as a parent, thanks to Margo's very swift work.
    I have dipped my toe in the Parent Forums but there is just sooo much I want to read, I don't know where to begin! I read the sticky note on Managing Meltdowns which was great, I've never been sure what a 'meltdown' is, I guess it's what I call a 'paddy', but more polite!
    I have been made to feel inadequate as a parent, by other parents we know, who say that I am just not handling her properly and that her behaviour is just a result of my bad parenting. Apparently I am too 'soft'. A friend and her husband (parents themselves) decided to deal with one of my daughers 'meltdowns' and wouldn't let me in the same room as her, saying that they knew best. It ended up with a trip to A&E because they left her alone in a meltdown, thinking that she would tire or get bored. That was the last time I will trust my daughter in someone elses hands who doesn't understand. That's why forums such as this are invaluable, I don't feel alone here, and I don't feel so useless!
    All the best (& Happy St. Georges Day \:D/ )
    Sharon x
  • dirtmother
    Posts: 898
    Wow - did you get an apology and some respect or have you dumped these 'friends'?
  • No apology! And further, whenever they see my daughter they make fun of her and tease her about it :x
  • Hi All,

    I am new here too. I have been watching this programme and seeing Mollie has made me more sure that my 7yr old son has PDA. So much so that I sent all the info from here and NAS to the parent liaison at the school as she is also the lead practitioner for my sons CAF.

    Turns out she has been watching it too, yaaayyy! Like I told her, between home and school this is the criteria he fits perfectly, rather than just ASD as suggested by CAMHS. :D
  • Wonderful!
    Please keep me posted on your progress wont you?
    I'm going to be doing exactly the same :)
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