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  • Hi, I've had a bit of time to read some posts and would like to introduce myself.

    I'm the parent of almost 6 yr old triplets. Each of them have a diagnosis on the PDD spectrum... one HFA (boy), one PDD-NOS/HFA (girl) and one AS (girl). I also am 99.99% sure I am AS, though I am not diagnosed.

    Though 2 of the children presented as autistic when younger, and all three scored autistic on the ADOS and ADI-R at 3 yrs old... after reading the PDA descriptions I have found, I would say they both fit PDA more than HFA/PDD-NOS at this time. I had been thinking they both were ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) as well as HFA, but it does sound like PDA might be confused with a combination like that.

    Do people with PDA usually present more like Autism when younger... with the stereotypical movements and rigidity and rituals?

    They both have pragmatic concerns as well, and I see according to the PDA criteria that is not included. It makes me wonder, can people be both HFA and PDA? Or Semantic Pragmatic Disorder along with PDA?

    Or could this be a HFA/ODD combo and not PDA at all?

    What is the difference between an HFA/ODD combo and PDA?

    They have always imitated so very well, that was what really bothered a lot of people about the diagnosis when they were younger.

    My son especially takes on the personality of the person he is physically closest to... changing personalities as the person next to him changes. One of his preschool teachers said "he has no personality of his own", and if ever left to himself at school he would become much more anxious. At home he has always liked to be left alone unless it is a gross motor activity.

    They all 3 pretend very well now... becoming obsessed with their fantasy at times and not leaving it. Quite often, I have to treat them as a dog or cat or whatever to get them to do something. I do know this is a characteristic of AS as well... fabulous imagination.

    Both do avoid lots of things by blaming other people, even if I was right there seeing them do it! Lying... THAT is not a characteristic of HFA... and *I* defintely do NOT understand lying at all, being AS... gosh how confusing that is to me!

    Avoiding things by changing the subject to something completely unrelated is seen often with these two as well... I could go on...

    Of course, I am in the States so none of this really matters because they would never get a PDA dx here... it does interest me enormously though...

    Anyway... sorry to have rambled, hope to read lots more soon,
  • Pamela
    Posts: 205
    Hello wendy and welcome to the!!!!! I look forward to getting to know you. There are families on here from the states. If you look at the members list you will see who. You will have read lots of my posts as I contribute quite a bit to this site and although Olivia has had a diagnosis of PDA since Jan 03 there are still lots of things I am still learning! She was diagnosed with IDIC15 at 18 months...autism is one of the characteristics of that. Sheappeared more autistic when she was younger, then once her language established itself seemed less so, but now she is in the midst of puberty the steriotypical stuff has returned with avengence!
    Take care,
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,569
    Hi Wendi

    As you may have read already I have a 12 yr old boy with PDA/Autism and a 15 yr old boy with AS.
    When my youngest was 4 he was diagnosed as having Autism, when he was 8 his school said it was PDA and Autism. We have not had him diagnosed because the Autistic Special school have other children in the school with these disorders and they are excellent at pin pointing what is wrong with each child.
    Sometimes it can take a few years to really define your childs behaviours, I know it took me 2 years to fully understand PDA and realise my son was more PDA than Autistic. I think it's going to take me a lot longer to re-learn how to interact with him and manage his challenging behaviour.
    You have triplets so its going to be hard work for you to learn just how each one of them operates!!
    I think it's hard work for me when I have a normal 16 yr old daughter, a son with PDA and another with Aspergers. I have to deal with each of them so differently.

    I realise that professionals in America do not diagnose people with PDA yet so I suppose they would be PDD-NOS plus HFA or AS.
    I also hear what your saying about ODD plus HFA, it could sound like PDA.

    I'm so glad I live in the UK as PDA is the perfect fit for my son. However for 8 yrs he had the Autism label and it didn't do him much harm.

    I still meet parents who do not want their children diagnosed with any type of A.S.D. and they manage their childs behaviour and inform the childs school of their behaviour stratagies.

    I suppose what I'm really saying is do our children need a label if we know and understand them. This statement could obviously be debated long and hard but my son still has the Autism diagnosis on paper but everyone knows he is PDA first and formost.
  • hya wendi, i was interested in your posting cos i am wendy and i have 3 kids on the spectrum and think that myself and husband are def on the spectrum too. I went to the paediatrician with my daughter today who has previously had a dx of PDD. He said she is definately PDD but where exactly she lies within this he can't be sure. He says she ticks a lot of the boxes for Aspergers but not enough to be 100%. He is just becoming aware of PDA but not confident in diagnosing it because it doesn't appear in any of the manuals. I said that in England it is well known and paeds there have no problem diagnosing it. I think that she is typically aspergers and a bit of PDA as well. I said to him that because she has both that will be what is making the dx harder.

    The Scottish Society for Autism are having a conference in Edinburgh next weekend and Phil Christie from the Newson Centre is holding a seminar on PDA. I think this is brilliant and will hopefully raise awareness of PDA in Scotland. None of our specialists are going to it though... bugger!

    He keeps asking why i need a label, i said so school in particular know what they are dealing with, but he as does everyone i meet - keep saying as long as her needs are identified and met, that's whats most important. I do realise this but as a parent i think it's need to know stuff. My twins were dx aspergers when they were 3 ish, by a diff paed who has since left. I know what all their needs are and will cntinue the fight to make sure they are met... yes label or no label as the case may be!
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