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PDA articles
  • Rosie
    Posts: 5
    Hi all, I have a 6 yr old son diagnosed with Aspergers, but he is definitely atypical and appears to fit the profile of PDA. I would be interested in reading further articles by Newson but can only find a single full article on the web, "PDA a necessary distinction......etc". Does anyone have copies of any other full articles which could be emailled to me. I am particularly interested in the "PDA the outlook" which I have heard mentioned.

    Rosie (Australia)
  • Just Dandy
    Posts: 19
    Hi Rosie
    I don't have much myself but have just been browsing the National Autistic Society who seem to have some info that can be sent for at a cost. It also gives details on Elizabeth Newson centre info.
  • westd_Moderatorwestd_Moderator
    Posts: 1,292
    Hello Rosie,
    Is the publication you refer to
    Pathological demand avoidance syndrome, What is the outlook? By Claire David and Elzabeth Newson??

    This is available from the Elizabeth Newson Centre at a cost of £1.20 +P&P

    A number of other papers are also availanble - if you email the centre I am sure they will post you a booklet with details all info. on papers relating to PDA and send you an order form.
    Best wishes, :D
  • I ordered a copy of everything I could get my hands on by Newson - and the 'What is the outlook' article which you refer to makes very depressing reading. Usually I feel that knowledge is power but in the case of this article, I destroyed it once I had read it ... the case study children she observed had quite a bleak outlook - although admittedly their PDA was not fully understood or well-handled. I just want to appraoch the future aware of the problems we may face with my son but also with an open mind to success and a postive outlook! You have been warned!!!!
  • Rosie
    Posts: 5
    Thanks for the replies. I guess I was hoping I could get the articles for free. Does anyone have the email of the Newson centre.

    Thanks again
  • address: Elizabeth Newson Centre (formerly the Early Years Diagnostic Centre), 272 Longdale Lane, Ravenshead, Nottinghamshire, NG15 9AH

    tel: 01623 490879


    The paper you refer to is £1.20, cheques made payable to Elizabeth Newson Centre (EYDC)

  • Rosie
    Posts: 5
    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for your replies. I emailed the EN centre and received the following reply, just in case anyone is interested;

    " Thank you for your email.

    The cost of all our PDA publications is £14.45 + £5.55 airmail postage. £20.00 total.

    You would need to raise a cheque in £'s sterling for this amount. As soon as we receive payment the publications will be promptly despatched.

    I hope this is helpful.

    If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Jayne Gray
    Admin. Assistant "

  • Nicky
    Posts: 11
    Hi Rosie.
    I have a 7 year old daughter with what we think is PDA. I was very interested when I saw that you were also living in Australia, as PDA is not very well received or recognised here. I live in Brisbane and have a wonderful psychologist who suggested that she has PDA and is working with us. Where do you live?
  • Posts: 0
    Hi Nicky and Rosie,

    I live in Australia too, in Brisbane. I have a 14 year old boy with an AS diagnosis, but fits PDA much better. Are you both in Brisbane?
  • Nicky
    Posts: 11
    Hi Terry

    I live at Fig Tree Pocket in Brisbane. Where are you? Where does your son go to high school? Have you found them helpful? Have you had a professional suggest you look at the PDA profile?

    I have a wonderful psychologist who believes that my daughter fits the profile best. She has been signed off by a paediatrician with an anxiety disorder or PDD as we could not fit her into an AS box. Although she has great difficulty with social situations, she does have social skills and empathy, suggesting that she has theory of mind. She has no fears or obsessions or any sensory issues. She is extremely coordinated but has all the social manipulation, control as outrageous behaviours. We are having a particulary difficult time at the moment but our school is sooo supportive. I am very lucky.

  • Posts: 0
    Hi Nicky,

    I live in Fig Tree Pocket! To answer your questions, my son is homeschooled, and has been since year 4. It has been fabulous--until this year. Puberty maybe, I don't know, but suddenly the characteristics so typical of PDA are overwhelming. Before, we always got around it easily.

    Psychologists-- I am one! And, I specialise in ASD. But this year, my son has me so stumped I'm looking for someone else, so I wouldn't mind the name of yours.

    My son also has good social skills and empathy, and is usually extremely compliant, as long as he can see the point. Schoolwork has become difficult because so much of it is pretty pointless. Also, he seems to be losing the confidence that he's always had. He did try Centenary High for a couple of months this year, but it was pretty dreadful. Not in the ways I expected though; he got on socially and did okay in class. It's just that he was coming home each day more depressed than the last. And they did in 70 minutes classes what he would do at home in 5.

    Feel free to contact me offlist if you like. What a coincidence you're in Fig Tree Pocket! Do you have any kids besides your daughter? It's (Removed by forum admin)

  • Nicky
    Posts: 11
    Hi Terry
    I sent you a reply to (Removed by forum admin) and it was rejected. Is there a space between terryjane and 2000 or was that an error?
  • jelv
    Posts: 185
    Email addresses posted in public forums are frequently harvested by spammers - I have therefore removed the email addresses from the previous two posts.

    I suggest that to exchange private messages you use PMs - Click the image icon at the bottom of a post by the person you wish to contact.


  • Posts: 0
    Hi John,

    Thanks for taking care of our privacy. I tried the private messages link in the email I got, but it didn't go anywhere. I also looked for the PM at the bottom of the message I wanted to respond to, but couldn't quite work it out.

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