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New - and anyone fancy a yahoogroup
  • dirtmother
    Posts: 897
    I signed up after receiving the Elizabeth Newsom Centre report with my 6 year old's diagnosis of PDA. It came as a shock because that's not the conclusion they reached on the assessment day (ie we were told he didn't fit PDA and other issues were referred to which do not appear at all in the report), so we'll need to explore why the report is different, once the new term starts. (Not saying I think the diagnosis is wrong as such - we wouldn't have pursued assessment so long and so hard if I didn't think it was a possibility)

    I find board formats extremely difficult to use personally, not very friendly to my own disabilities, so I wondered if there would be any interest in starting up a yahoogroup? I'd really appreciate being able to have an ongoing communal email conversation with other parents of children with PDA.
  • Maryann
    Posts: 53
    not sure what usergroups are but im good at computer stuff so ive just reinstalled yahoo, ill pm you my user name as i dont want it on the general section for website grazers to take.
  • Lixina
    Posts: 289
    I just made a yahoo group for demand avoidance, if anyone wants to join. It's at
    By the way, usually I'm fine with change, but when a familiar website changes configuration I really hate it. It takes a while for me to get used to it. Yahoo just changed configuration, which is why I mention this.
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