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new to this site but not PDA
  • Hi everyone
    My name is Karen and I have an 18yr old daughter with PDA.
    Emma was diagnosed about 18 months ago and what a fight that was. She was originally statemented as MLD (moderate learning difficulties) and has always attended a special needs school. After many exclusions from school for violent behaviour, sexualised behaviour etc I finally got a diagnosis of Aspergers and she was moved to the autistic unit of her school. Still the problems continued complete with exclusions until 2yrs ago when her teacher said "I think it could be PDA read this info".
    I read the info and it was like switching on a light but did the Psychology service want to know, no. "PDA is not recognised as a disorder and she has Aspergers on her statement so what does it matter " I was told. And so the fight continued until they gave in and said they would give this diagnosis for the sake of SEN statement.
    Emma leaves school in july07 and then what? Connexions say they cant help no college locally can cope with her behaviours. Social Services cant give me a perminant social worker and I dont want her sent away to college as hardly anywhere has PDA trained staff.
    If anyone out there can give me advice i would appriciate it.
    By the way i am now a teaching assistant with a PDA student so that i can now fight for these kids within the system.
  • Hi, wish I could give you some useful advice but my son is only 7. i wanted to acknowledge your post and say hello and welcome to the forum.

    I hope you do find someone to help
    Take care
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,565

    So sorry for the delay in replying; welcome to the pda forum. I have a 15 yr old with Aspergers and a 12 yr old with PDAand Autism. My PDA son is in a special Autistic school and he has moderate learning difficulties. The Head Teacher told me that there is very little day support/colleges for PDA/Autistic young adults and that they will be helping me to look for a residential placement for my son. I worried about this for a long time but then spoke with a parent who's 17 yr old son had recently gone into residential accomadation; she said her son loved it and had lots of great things to do every day and eve. She missed him terribly the first few weeks but now he has settled they bring him home every other weekend and she thinks it's the best thing for everyone.
    I have had a good look around at what is available if I kept my son at home, to be honest there is nothing suitable.
    I have seen that some Residential colleges do now accomadate PDA teenagers. Look on and click on PARIS the Autism Information Service.
    I feel that the special school and connexions should be doing more to help you.
    I am having trouble trying to find a local FE college to take my Asperger's boy so I don't think I would place a PDA child in a local FE college.
    If I were in your position I would ring the nearest school for Autistic children, whether it's private, charity funded or LEA and ask the Head Teacher for some information about what happens to their pupils when they reach leaving age.
    I think that eventhough it is very hard, you have to think of your daughters happiness and stability in life.

    Great to hear you are working with a PDA child!

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