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independent living with PDA
  • Lixina
    Posts: 289
    My Dad's thinking of moving and I'd like to stay at the same university, so I'm considering living on my own.

    Those of you who are adults with PDA, do you live independently? What kind of difficulties did you have when you first moved out, and how did you cope? Those of you who are parents of PDA adults, same questions.

    The two biggest things I'm worried about are:

    a) separation anxiety, and not having someone to support me when I'm upset

    b) self-care skills - I can't clean, need reminders to eat & change clothes, have trouble keeping track of time, don't know how to do laundry, etc

    The latter, I might be able to find some sort of services to help with. The former, well, if I find a place that allows me to keep a cat, that would really help, and I could call my parents if needed.
  • I've never lived alone but as I'm 18 in 3 days I've been thinking about this recently.
    I have the same concerns. I genuinely can't imagine what I'd be like living alone. Living with my family I sometimes not-quite-joke that I need a fulltime carer! So if I was on my own I'm pretty sure I'd need part time assistance at least...

    Maybe a normal roommate situation wouldn't work so well (at least I'm sure it wouldn't for me) but do you have any friends you could move in with? I have one friend that understands me well enough as well as being sympathetic enough to live with me. Without me feeling like she was just there to help me out. A normal friend/roommate but someone who'd help keep my head above the water and like a "just in case" ... But she's going to uni so that's out of the question.

    I think when (if...) I ever move away from home it'll be in with a partner, someone who can deal with my -shall we say, idiosycrasies. I honestly don't see myself ever living alone.

    And cats are underrated in their helpfulness. I love my cat and don't know what I'd do without her.
  • Lixina
    Posts: 289
    Well, the whole reason I'm so reluctant to leave my current university is that one of my classmates is the first good friend I've made in 10 years. She has CP and is still living at home, and on a couple of occasions I've stayed over at her place (when my Dad needed to be out of town and I had something I needed to do at the university). Her parents are quite understanding. But still, I feel leery about moving in with her - I feel like I'd be really imposing on them if I did that.
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