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Hello and I hope I am welcome
  • Hello I have already put on a topic and thought I would introduce myself and explain how I came to be here.

    I have a lovely son who has complex special needs, he has lots of difficulties in his daily life effecting everything he does.

    J has a diagnosis of ADHD/ODD Dyslexia and learning difficulties, he is suspected ASD.

    I came to this site as I am already a member of a forum in ASD parents and a parent their has a child with PDA and she told me about here as I am also waiting for an assessment for J in ASD at a centre of Autism and they specialise in PDA so I read it and it shockED me, I thought blumin heck, its J oright PDA is quite similair in ODD and so I put a question on here as well.

    J is nearly 10 and lately he is doing really well, we have had a lot of support from his school and he has a statement, we have a careworker who comes and helps me with his routine twice a week in the evenings as these are totally exhausting.

    I am looking into some complentary therapy as ritalin wasnt very successful and J is clinically underweight and so we are using lots of therapies, art, play, ec....

    I have some resevations about PDA though, you wait until I take some litriture about PDA and I know for one his LSA will say a big yes, as he when he doesnt want to do his worksheets he wont and there is a stand off that can last hours as J is just so stubburn.

    However I dont know if his school will recognise PDA and I dont know of any kids with it J is the only lad in his class with ADHD/ODD so its going to be difficult.

    PDA is not a condition I have ever come across and I know my areas services will be the same as well.

    How do you parent a child with PDA its hard enough when they have other diagnosis with PDA on top doesnt it just blow you away?

    Anyway hopefully I can get some answers and pleased to meet you all.

  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,565
    Hi Js mum,
    I have already replied to your other post but now I have read more about you and your son I thought I would say a little more.
    I have two sons one 15 with Aspergers; he was diagnosed at 8.
    The other is 12 with PDA/Autism. At 3 he was diagnosed with Global Development Delay, at 4 he was diagnosed Autistic, then at 6 we were told he had ADHD and they offered us Ritalin, at 8 it was found that he had PDA.
    It took a long time to get a true diagnosis and a accurate picture of our youngest son but I do believe PDA/Autism is the best one.
    He has learning difficulties and is in a special school for Autistic children. He can talk very well but lacks understanding of speech.
    Until he went to the Autism school he had always been the only PDA child in his other schools, now there are other children with PDA there.
    Some of the PDA children do have an official diagnosis some like my son do not, but the teachers know that he has it and manage him acordingly.
    Which Centre are you taking your son to regarding the ASD or PDA.
    PDA children are extremly difficult to handle because they need to be in control! They also resist the every day demands asked of them to a pathilogical degree. I'm sure you can find a full list of the criteria for PDA on the PDA web-site.
    Really glad to hear you have a Care Worker.
  • Hello Paula and welcome to the forum. I have posted on here a few times so sure if you look you can find out more about my son (who is 7 1/2 now). Hope you get some useful info. and support posting on here.
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