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What a relief.....
  • have found this board and know that I am no longer alone..... :D

    My daughter (5 next month) was diagnosed today with PDA and the relief to know that I'm not lost in the wilderness is overwhelming!

    I have been reading some of the posts on here and the similarities to my daughter are incredible! I guess that I'm so brand new to PDA (only heard about it for the first time today) that it hasn't quite sunk in fully, so I guess I'd better head off and do some more reading!

    I suppose I just wanted to say that I'm so pleased that I'm not alone. Even if I can never be of any help to anyone, I KNOW that my daughter and I are not alone.....
  • I remember that huge feeling of relief when my son (just turned five so a similar age to your daughter) was diagnosed back in May! And life for us is easier now even though the only difference is that he has this 'label' - the reason being that we now know where to turn for strategies and support and why he behaves the way he does. Still hasn't stopped me tearing my hair out today though (he's been off school for a few weeks recovering from a minor operation and is driving me NUTS!)

    All the best to you and your daughter,

  • Hi Josie!

    It's all so new and I've got a million questions rattling around in my head, but the relief is staggering!

    I hope that you and your little boy recover from his operation.....and that you have some hair left by the end of it!

  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,578
    Hi Carol,

    So pleased you find this site so quickly and I hope it gives you some support and info. about PDA.
    Pleased to hear you got a diagnosis for your daughter and I do hope that some of her ways/behaviours become a little more understandable now.
    I love this site, its the best link I have with other parents of PDA children.
    No doubt we'll speak again soon.
    Take Care and keep reading and posting!

    Paula (mother to Matthew aged 12 - PDA)
  • Hi Paula

    I was given this site info by our school doctor. So far my support network, which although limited, has been outstanding.

    I have loads of questions that I like answered though, but am a bit reluctant to post them here....probably worried about looking like a complete novice (even though I am!) and to be brutally honest I'm a bit scared of the answers!

    Will certainly stay here never know, someone else might ask the question first!
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,578

    So pleased to hear you are getting some support.
    Please feel free to ask any questions, if you feel you want a bit more privacy post on the Parents Site or you can send me (or any other parent) a Private Message(see top of page).
    We do need to stick together and help each other.
    Take Care
  • Thanks Paula, but I can't get onto the parents board. I need to be granted special access or something!
  • i cant get on there either which is rather strange, anyone got any ideas as to why some of us cant get on there?
  • Amanda
    Posts: 281
    No problem here, sorry, don't know whats going on xx
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